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Training Sessions


All of my sessions are private and in your home. Each session is completely customized to you, your dog(s) and your needs. Whatever you want to work on, I am happy to help!

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Puppy Training


Let me help set you & your new puppy up for success! Whether you need help with potty training, nipping, jumping, leave it/drop it, walking on leash, socialization tips, etc. - I am here to help you enjoy your puppy more than struggle during those first few (sometimes challenging) months!


Basic Manners


Don't have a puppy but need help with the basics? I am happy to assist with any basic cues you would like your dog to learn, at any age. Most commonly requested are sit, stay, down, leave it/drop it, not jumping, not mouthing, and "come!". Since all of my sessions are private, we can customize it to you and your dog's needs.



This is my specialty! If your dog is struggling with any behavioral issues, I would love to help!


These issues can look like:

- Fear: not wanting to go for walks, being scared of new people, places and other animals, etc.

- Reactivity or aggression: barking and lunging at dogs or people, growling or nipping at guests, etc.

- Separation Anxiety: destroying things when you leave for work, crate anxiety

- Multi-dog issues: 2 or more dogs in the same home not getting along, dog not accepting new puppy or family member

- Handling issues: biting when being picked up, not doing well at the vet office or groomer's

& many more!


Dog & Child Relationships


Whether you are pregnant or already have children, I am happy to assist in troubleshooting any issues you may want to address to keep your babies & furbabies happy and safe. We humans have 9 months to get ready for the arrival of a baby but often times we give dogs no preparation training and they are taken by surprise!

Don't see your specific "issue" on here? No problem! As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), I can help you with whatever you are wanting to work on!

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