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My name is Monica Crowley and I am Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CDPT-KA), a Fear-Free Certified Professional, a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen & AKC Star Puppy Evaluator, and have taken additional coursework specializing in Fear and Aggression, Canine Separation Anxiety, Canine Communication and Body Language, and Pet First Aid. I am also a member of the Pet Professional Guild.


I continue to seek out new qualifications to stay at the cutting edge of positive reinforcement dog training and give my best to help you and your dog live a more harmonious life!


I grew up in South Florida and have loved dogs my whole life. When I rescued my own dogs as an adult, I was quickly exposed to the world of dog behavior as they each threw curveballs at me (one was dog reactive, one had fear issues, and at one point they decided to not get along with each other)!


This experience led me to become enthralled in the world of dog training and wanting to make it a better, more humane space for dogs. "Old school" dog training does not take into account that dogs are highly intelligent both mentally and emotionally, as has been proven by science time and time again.


Positive reinforcement/force free dog training focuses not on what the dog did wrong - but on teaching the dog what we do want them to do, and rewarding them for practicing that behavior, as it is proven if rewarded they will be more likely to practice that desired behavior over and over.


This concept and form of training has changed my life in more ways than one and helped the forementioned dogs of mine even more. I have been blessed to help hundreds of clients understand their dogs better and be able to communicate with them which always makes for a happier home!

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